WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress Content Management System (CMS). It is open-source and available for free to download. It is a feature-packed plugin that can be easily integrated to the WordPress website with little effort.

Some of the exciting features of Woo Commerce are:

  • Payments: Supports PayPal for allowing credit cards and PayPal account transactions.
  • Shipping: Offers several shipping options, such as free shipping or flat rate shipping.
  • Inventory: Allows effective inventory management for digital and physical products with a centralized User Interface (UI). Assists inventory managers to perform day to day operations effectively.
  • Reporting: Generates reports on sales and reviews, store performance, level of available stocks from the WordPress database.
  • Marketing: Allows managers to run campaigns for usage limits and discount coupons.
  • Tax: Manages and configures tax setting for stores.

Apart from these features, there are numbers of extensions of WooCommerce are available. Each extension is dedicated to a specific functionality. You just need to add it with your WordPress CMS.

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